Sunday, 8 December 2013


I was bored and I found some plasticine. I made snakes out of it and named them: The red viper, Coloured Pit Viper, Blue Spotted Cobra, Blue Twisted Grass Snake, White Python, White Spotted Tree Snake, Green Striped Tree Snake, Green Bulgarian Tree Snake and the Bird Eating Tree Snake. They eat mice, birds, fish, lizards and other snakes.

My snakes hunting :)
 The most poisonous snakes I made are: Coloured Pit Viper, White Spotted Tree Snake, Bird Eating Tree Snake and Blue Twisted Grass Snake. One bite and they will kill you!  Most of them live in trees and under rocks. Their favourite food is birds and lizards.

My White python hunting a green Lizard

Friday, 1 November 2013

European Copper Skink

European copper skink
I found a European copper Skink (Ablepharus kitaibelii) in a field in the town Kazanlak in Bulgaria.  I found it under a stone. It eats insects and small snails. It is a shy species, which lives under stones and leaves. It lives in fields and meadows. It doesn't like climbing. It looks like a slow worm with legs,and when I found it I was screaming that I'd found a slow worm with legs!  But dad said it could be a Skink and I looked it up on the computer and it was a copper Skink.  I was really pleased because it was the first time I have ever seen a Skink,  but it would have been better if it was a slow worm with legs. I went again many times and we saw lots of Skinks and lizards, mainly lizards. The lizards we found were meadow lizards they were beautiful one of them had some blue scales witch was really magnificent. The best place your going to see a skink in Bulgaria is Kazanlak.  Also I saw a Praying Mantis there and a really weird black spider with a yellow stripe does any one know what this spider is?. Im gonna make a video on skinks soon :)

What is this spider?

Sunday, 27 October 2013

Praying Mantises!!

Every October I see around 10 - 15 Praying Mantises. But this October, I've seen around 36 - 45 Mantises. I mainly see green ones, but sometimes I see brown ones. I like the green Mantis better and I love it when they think you are going to do something and they show their wings and make a sound.  They show their big fake eyes that are actually black spots on their front legs. I feed them the following food: flies,grasshoppers, ants and caterpillars. Some species can eat snakes, lizards,  rats and even rabbits!

Praying mantis eating a gecko! 

 But not the ones that I have :( . My favourite one I have is missing  its' front legs so that means that it can't eat. I saved its' life, yey!  I feed him every day and he loves it. His favourite food is caterpillars and grasshoppers. His favourite place to go is on a drum in our lounge! ;) He is the coolest mantis and I will never forget him. Praying Mantises are my favorite insect and always will be. But nothing can beat a snake! I really want to see the praying mantises that can eat a snake.

here is a video i made of a Mantis eating a Grasshopper

A really cool film we saw about the Mantis

Friday, 13 September 2013

My Trip To The Beach

As soon as I got to the beach I went swimming in a lake near the beach. I was hunting for frogs and I saw a HUGE toad. I caught it and showed it to my mum. She said it was the biggest toad shes ever seen, I agreed.

Me and Bufo bufo

We went to the camp and when I was walking up the path I saw a snake. It was brown and blue. Then I went lizard hunting with Archie my brother and we saw more than 15 green lizards and one big brown snake.

The Green Lizard me and my dad found

We went to get dad but he said he was too tired so he didn't come:(  but the next day me and my dad went lizard hunting and found a beautiful Balkan Green Lizard. Later on that day, we were swimming in the sea, the water was lovely and warm. The next day we went swimming again and I thought I saw a shark! I was screaming  "shark shark!!" but no one believed me. Then mum saw it too and shouted "shark shark!!!" and dad was right next to it,  dad turned around and said "it's a dolphin" and we stopped worrying but we kept watching the dolphins until they left.

The dolphins in the black sea

Friday, 23 August 2013


My friend, dad and I went fishing in Sheynovo. We left the house at 5:30pm and got there around 5:40pm. As soon as we got there we fished. The first 3 mins or so we caught nothing. Then we caught a carp. It was small, I gave it to my friend for him too see it. He was amazed by it, because it was the first time he ever went fishing or held a fish. Then I gave him the rod and he caught a very small perch. He was so excited that he caught it. Then it was my go to fish and I caught another carp and gave it to my friend to let it go. After that we went to another spot in the lake and I caught 2 bigger perch and carp. My friend caught another small perch and let it go. Dad said we had to go in five min and I didn't catch any thing else. It was time to go.

Small Carp

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Grass Snake In Our Pond

My mum was feeding the chickens when she heard a strange noise. Dad said it sounded like a fledgling so mum went to look. It was actually a frog that looked like it was suck under a stone. He pulled it and when he lifted it there was a grass snake eating the frog!!! The snake let go of the frog and it slithered under the rock again. My friend and I waited for the snake to come out again, but we only got to see its head. The next day I was lucky to see the whole snake sunbathing.

The Grass Snake in are garden

Friday, 9 August 2013

Facts about Crayfish

 Here is some general information about Crayfish
  •  There are 500 species of cray fish 350 are found in north America. 
  • Adult crayfish are usually 2 to 6 inches (5 to 15 centimeters) long. 
  • Crayfish live under rocks and debris and muddy bottoms of  freshwater lakes and rivers.
  • Crayfish eat worms, insects, molluscs and vegetation.

  • the specie that we caught was Astacus astacus. 
  • They breed in October and November 
  • The female caries here eggs under here tail until may.
Now I know that the female carries her eggs from October until May, I'm not going to hunt them during this period.
Astacus astacus

Sunday, 4 August 2013

Fishing in Buzovgrad

Me and my family went fishing in Buzovgrad it is a lake. The lake was dried up more then normal. We went swimming the water was really warm. I swam under water and opened  my eyes and the water was green! I thought that was dreadful! We went to eat and we realized mum forgot the sandwiches! That really sucked. After we ate we went fishing we caught fifteen Sunfish and one Perch. Grandad caught the Perch and I caught the Sunfish. There were some men near us they caught 2 humungus Catfish!!!  The Catfish were amazing  I loved their orange moustashes!

Friday, 2 August 2013

Fishing In Pavel Banya

Me my friend and my cousin Harrison went fishing at the river Tunzdha near Pavel Banya.We fished next to a wide  water fall, it was very deep and there were lots of other people fishing.We were fishing for Perch, we caught a bucket full of  baby Perch. I love Perch I think there very amazing fish, the patterns are unique and I love the orange fins on them. Perch are predators, they hunt other fish.

Whilst me my friend were fishing  my cousin found a dead grass snake with a baby Perch in its mouth!!!! There were lots of people catching the small Perch and we were concerned  that there were not going to be any more next year. When  we got home and my dad saw the bucket he was a little bit disappointed because we had taken so many small fish. We fried some of  them up, they were really tasty the only thing was the guts were really horrible. We put the rest of them in the freezer.

River Tunzdha

Tuesday, 30 July 2013


Me, my cousin and my Grandad went Cray fishing at a river at Shipka and found a big pool. There were lots of Cray fish there. We went down to the pool and I said,  "give me a worm!" so Grandad threw me the whole bucket, dropped the worms and they all fell out! After that, I had to go and look for some more.  I found a gigantic worm and put it on the hook.  With this worm, I caught a small Cray fish but put it back. Then I got closer to the water and this huge Cray fish came out to nibble my toe.


We caught five bigger cray fish using a smaller one for bait. We cooked them, they were so tasty. I loved how when you cook them they turn bright red. The cray fish we caught were European Cray fish.

European Cray fish
The Cray fish I caught

Monday, 22 July 2013


Me and my dad went fishing in Enina at the three lakes.We went to the first one which was the smallest of the three. The wildlife there was breathtaking - we saw loads of terrapins and grass snakes. Wildlife is one of my passions. We got to see a whole family of terrapins! There was a little baby trying to get on a car tire it was really funny, the baby was only as big as my thumb. The weather was calm and sunny. I was using  worms for bait and I only got one bite. But i didn't even catch a fish :(  I'm going to use this blog to keep a record of my fishing trips.

Grass Snake
Baby Terrapin

Thursday, 18 July 2013

My Top Favourite 10 Things

This blog entry is about my top 10 favorite things

10-Swimming. I love swimming and i enjoy swimming under water.My favorite place to swim is in water parks.

Water Park

9- Bulgaria. I love Bulgaria because of the wild life and the freedom.

8- Eating. I love eating, my most tasty food is Chinese.
7- School. I like school because I get to see my friends and my teacher.
6- Rides. I think rides are awesome especially the scary ones.
5- Tablets. I think Tablets are much cooler then computers and much faster. Tablets are computers but a lot smaller.
4- Mushrooms. I like going to find them and then cook them for dinner.
3- Dogs. I think dogs are cool I think they are cool because they can smell really well.
2- Games. I love games!!!! my favourite game is tanki online.You go and kill tanks it's really awesome!

Tanki Online

1-Wildife. I really love wild life. I think its amazing and my favorite Animals are the  snakes. They are so amazing and have beautiful  colours and patterns.


Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Camping In The Mountains

Me and my dad went to the Uzana Fest in the Stara Planina mountains in Bulgaria. We decided to take the off road track to the Fest but unfortunately we got lost. We found ourselves on the grassy peak of the mountains. The view was astonishing, there were loads of wild plants and grasshoppers. Trying to find our way we drove up a very steep track.  I knew straight away it was the wrong way but my dad went for it and guess  what, I was right, it was the wrong way. So we had to go back down the steep track  and it was terrifying but we made it. Whilst trying to find the right way we saw a few different raptors, Booted Eagle and two Buzzards.

Booted Eagle
   We finaly arrived at the fest it was pretty cool. There were loads of people there selling all kinds of stuff like books, electric bikes, honey and food. We brought plants and books for sale. We sold quite a few  and the best seller was the Honeysuckle. My dad went to set up the tent and left me to sell the plants.

Our Books And Plants

In the evening  there was live music and performance which was really cool, i loved the drummer in the band and there were some funny performers.

The fest was over so we packed up and went home. On the way back we stopped at this place were there tall yellow flowers, they looked like sun flowers.  We found a stream there and we saw 7 or 8 baby Fire Salamanders, they were cool.  The juveniles are black and live in the water, the adults are black and have yellow spots on them and they live in the forest.  

Fire Salamanders

Monday, 15 July 2013

Slow Worms At The Sutton Ecology Center

I went out with my family to the Sutton Ecology Center. It was a beautiful place and it had this huge pond with  loads of newts and baby frogs. The type of newts i found in the pond were common newts.

Common Newt
As we walked  around the garden  i found an old mat, i lifted it up and discovered a juvenile Slow worm.  Adult Slow worms are black and brown but the juveniles are black and silver. They  have a black tongue  and they look a lot like snakes but they are actually  lizards without legs.

Slow Worms
In the woodland area I found a log pile and i lifted up one of the logs and underneath it there was a Common Toad. It  was very small and the colouration of the Toad was orange and brown. Me and my mum  lifted  up another log,  under it there was a Stag Beetle. I picked up the Stag Beetle to have a closer look and it pinched me so i put it back. We found some more  mats and underneath one of them there were 4 Slow Worms. Whilst handling the slow worms one of them up sprayed something that smelt terrible, perhaps it was a defense mechanism. It was time to go,  I didn't want to go but I had to. The next day I went there again with my uncle Pete.

Sutton Ecology Center

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Fossil Hunting

Me and my family went fossil hunting. on a  beach  called the Warren in Kent. As soon as we got there we found loads of Ammonites. These fossils are around 20 million years old.

An Ammonite

My Grandad cooked some amazing  prawns with garlic on the beach, they were really tasty. After lunch we went to have a paddle in the pools. Whilst paddling I felt some thing under my foot so I put my hand down to find out what it was and when I lifted it up I had a Plaice .It was so amazing, it looked like sand and was about the size of my little finger.  I found another 20 of them and we collected  them in a frying pan. I also found shrimps and crabs, the shrimp also had sand  patterns and colours. The crabs were small and big, one of them was as small as my finger nail. I lifted up a rock and under the rock there was a rock fish it was very camouflage.
Rock Fish
 At the end of the day my Mum lost my Grandma's spoon but finally she found it buried in the sand. I had a great day.

The Warren

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Camping at Brighton

 During my time in England i went camping in a place called Stoneywish near Brighton with my mum, my brother and some friends of ours we stayed in our friends tent. It was a really big bell tent that had a chimney.

The camp site was great there were loads of kids around, me and my bro asked the other kids if we could play with them and they said yes. We went in their really cool  base it was great because  it was camouflaged from the adults. After an hour or two some teenagers came in the base and were mean and horrible to us. They were pushing us around and swearing at us because they wanted us to get out. This made me very cross and unhappy so i pushed one of the teenagers. In the end we decided to go and find a different base. We found a base but it was nothing compared to the other one but it was still a base.After we got settled the teenagers came again and they threw one of our chairs over the fence were there was a big bull. It got dark so we had to go to our tents. Back at the tent we roasted marshmallows on the fire they were great, after that we went to bed.

The next morning we planned to have war with those teenagers. We threw mud balls at them and they threw mud balls back at us but we won. In the end  they said sorry for being mean. After that we had to go home.


Brighton Palace

Monday, 8 July 2013

Chessington World Of Adventures

The Adventure Park

I went to Chessington World of Adventures. It was great. I didn't like the ride called Professor Bubble it was babyish and boring. The scariest ride in Chessington is Rameses Revenge. I also think Mary Rose is a very scary ride. There are about 100 rides in Chessington and we went on 30 of them. My best was the rattle snake and I went on about 15 times my 2nd best was the vampire it was great my 3rd was the dragon falls which is a water ride and I got soaked the most popular rides are Dragon Falls, Rattle Snake,Vampire,Dragons Furry,and Ramases Revenge I had a great time i also got the highest score on tomb blaster    YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!.The whole trip cost 200 GBP and my lovely aunt paid for it. I went with my bro and my uncle and also my cousins.

Us lot at Chessington
 They also had a great time. My uncle was too scared to go on the Mary Rose.....LOL.
The top 10 rides at Chessington are 10. Professor Bubble 9. Monkey Swinger 8. Tomb Blaster 7. Kobra 6. Dragon Falls 5. Black Buccaneer (which is the Mary Rose) 4. Rattle Snake 3. Vampire 2. Dragons Fury 1. Rameses Revenge.



Dragon  Fury