Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Camping at Brighton

 During my time in England i went camping in a place called Stoneywish near Brighton with my mum, my brother and some friends of ours we stayed in our friends tent. It was a really big bell tent that had a chimney.

The camp site was great there were loads of kids around, me and my bro asked the other kids if we could play with them and they said yes. We went in their really cool  base it was great because  it was camouflaged from the adults. After an hour or two some teenagers came in the base and were mean and horrible to us. They were pushing us around and swearing at us because they wanted us to get out. This made me very cross and unhappy so i pushed one of the teenagers. In the end we decided to go and find a different base. We found a base but it was nothing compared to the other one but it was still a base.After we got settled the teenagers came again and they threw one of our chairs over the fence were there was a big bull. It got dark so we had to go to our tents. Back at the tent we roasted marshmallows on the fire they were great, after that we went to bed.

The next morning we planned to have war with those teenagers. We threw mud balls at them and they threw mud balls back at us but we won. In the end  they said sorry for being mean. After that we had to go home.


Brighton Palace

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