Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Camping In The Mountains

Me and my dad went to the Uzana Fest in the Stara Planina mountains in Bulgaria. We decided to take the off road track to the Fest but unfortunately we got lost. We found ourselves on the grassy peak of the mountains. The view was astonishing, there were loads of wild plants and grasshoppers. Trying to find our way we drove up a very steep track.  I knew straight away it was the wrong way but my dad went for it and guess  what, I was right, it was the wrong way. So we had to go back down the steep track  and it was terrifying but we made it. Whilst trying to find the right way we saw a few different raptors, Booted Eagle and two Buzzards.

Booted Eagle
   We finaly arrived at the fest it was pretty cool. There were loads of people there selling all kinds of stuff like books, electric bikes, honey and food. We brought plants and books for sale. We sold quite a few  and the best seller was the Honeysuckle. My dad went to set up the tent and left me to sell the plants.

Our Books And Plants

In the evening  there was live music and performance which was really cool, i loved the drummer in the band and there were some funny performers.

The fest was over so we packed up and went home. On the way back we stopped at this place were there tall yellow flowers, they looked like sun flowers.  We found a stream there and we saw 7 or 8 baby Fire Salamanders, they were cool.  The juveniles are black and live in the water, the adults are black and have yellow spots on them and they live in the forest.  

Fire Salamanders

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