Monday, 8 July 2013

Chessington World Of Adventures

The Adventure Park

I went to Chessington World of Adventures. It was great. I didn't like the ride called Professor Bubble it was babyish and boring. The scariest ride in Chessington is Rameses Revenge. I also think Mary Rose is a very scary ride. There are about 100 rides in Chessington and we went on 30 of them. My best was the rattle snake and I went on about 15 times my 2nd best was the vampire it was great my 3rd was the dragon falls which is a water ride and I got soaked the most popular rides are Dragon Falls, Rattle Snake,Vampire,Dragons Furry,and Ramases Revenge I had a great time i also got the highest score on tomb blaster    YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!.The whole trip cost 200 GBP and my lovely aunt paid for it. I went with my bro and my uncle and also my cousins.

Us lot at Chessington
 They also had a great time. My uncle was too scared to go on the Mary Rose.....LOL.
The top 10 rides at Chessington are 10. Professor Bubble 9. Monkey Swinger 8. Tomb Blaster 7. Kobra 6. Dragon Falls 5. Black Buccaneer (which is the Mary Rose) 4. Rattle Snake 3. Vampire 2. Dragons Fury 1. Rameses Revenge.



Dragon  Fury