Thursday, 11 July 2013

Fossil Hunting

Me and my family went fossil hunting. on a  beach  called the Warren in Kent. As soon as we got there we found loads of Ammonites. These fossils are around 20 million years old.

An Ammonite

My Grandad cooked some amazing  prawns with garlic on the beach, they were really tasty. After lunch we went to have a paddle in the pools. Whilst paddling I felt some thing under my foot so I put my hand down to find out what it was and when I lifted it up I had a Plaice .It was so amazing, it looked like sand and was about the size of my little finger.  I found another 20 of them and we collected  them in a frying pan. I also found shrimps and crabs, the shrimp also had sand  patterns and colours. The crabs were small and big, one of them was as small as my finger nail. I lifted up a rock and under the rock there was a rock fish it was very camouflage.
Rock Fish
 At the end of the day my Mum lost my Grandma's spoon but finally she found it buried in the sand. I had a great day.

The Warren

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