Thursday, 18 July 2013

My Top Favourite 10 Things

This blog entry is about my top 10 favorite things

10-Swimming. I love swimming and i enjoy swimming under water.My favorite place to swim is in water parks.

Water Park

9- Bulgaria. I love Bulgaria because of the wild life and the freedom.

8- Eating. I love eating, my most tasty food is Chinese.
7- School. I like school because I get to see my friends and my teacher.
6- Rides. I think rides are awesome especially the scary ones.
5- Tablets. I think Tablets are much cooler then computers and much faster. Tablets are computers but a lot smaller.
4- Mushrooms. I like going to find them and then cook them for dinner.
3- Dogs. I think dogs are cool I think they are cool because they can smell really well.
2- Games. I love games!!!! my favourite game is tanki online.You go and kill tanks it's really awesome!

Tanki Online

1-Wildife. I really love wild life. I think its amazing and my favorite Animals are the  snakes. They are so amazing and have beautiful  colours and patterns.


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