Monday, 15 July 2013

Slow Worms At The Sutton Ecology Center

I went out with my family to the Sutton Ecology Center. It was a beautiful place and it had this huge pond with  loads of newts and baby frogs. The type of newts i found in the pond were common newts.

Common Newt
As we walked  around the garden  i found an old mat, i lifted it up and discovered a juvenile Slow worm.  Adult Slow worms are black and brown but the juveniles are black and silver. They  have a black tongue  and they look a lot like snakes but they are actually  lizards without legs.

Slow Worms
In the woodland area I found a log pile and i lifted up one of the logs and underneath it there was a Common Toad. It  was very small and the colouration of the Toad was orange and brown. Me and my mum  lifted  up another log,  under it there was a Stag Beetle. I picked up the Stag Beetle to have a closer look and it pinched me so i put it back. We found some more  mats and underneath one of them there were 4 Slow Worms. Whilst handling the slow worms one of them up sprayed something that smelt terrible, perhaps it was a defense mechanism. It was time to go,  I didn't want to go but I had to. The next day I went there again with my uncle Pete.

Sutton Ecology Center

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  1. It was a great find, firstly the place and secondly all the wildlife. Can you put a link to some of the places you have been to on your posts?