Friday, 2 August 2013

Fishing In Pavel Banya

Me my friend and my cousin Harrison went fishing at the river Tunzdha near Pavel Banya.We fished next to a wide  water fall, it was very deep and there were lots of other people fishing.We were fishing for Perch, we caught a bucket full of  baby Perch. I love Perch I think there very amazing fish, the patterns are unique and I love the orange fins on them. Perch are predators, they hunt other fish.

Whilst me my friend were fishing  my cousin found a dead grass snake with a baby Perch in its mouth!!!! There were lots of people catching the small Perch and we were concerned  that there were not going to be any more next year. When  we got home and my dad saw the bucket he was a little bit disappointed because we had taken so many small fish. We fried some of  them up, they were really tasty the only thing was the guts were really horrible. We put the rest of them in the freezer.

River Tunzdha

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