Friday, 13 September 2013

My Trip To The Beach

As soon as I got to the beach I went swimming in a lake near the beach. I was hunting for frogs and I saw a HUGE toad. I caught it and showed it to my mum. She said it was the biggest toad shes ever seen, I agreed.

Me and Bufo bufo

We went to the camp and when I was walking up the path I saw a snake. It was brown and blue. Then I went lizard hunting with Archie my brother and we saw more than 15 green lizards and one big brown snake.

The Green Lizard me and my dad found

We went to get dad but he said he was too tired so he didn't come:(  but the next day me and my dad went lizard hunting and found a beautiful Balkan Green Lizard. Later on that day, we were swimming in the sea, the water was lovely and warm. The next day we went swimming again and I thought I saw a shark! I was screaming  "shark shark!!" but no one believed me. Then mum saw it too and shouted "shark shark!!!" and dad was right next to it,  dad turned around and said "it's a dolphin" and we stopped worrying but we kept watching the dolphins until they left.

The dolphins in the black sea