Sunday, 27 October 2013

Praying Mantises!!

Every October I see around 10 - 15 Praying Mantises. But this October, I've seen around 36 - 45 Mantises. I mainly see green ones, but sometimes I see brown ones. I like the green Mantis better and I love it when they think you are going to do something and they show their wings and make a sound.  They show their big fake eyes that are actually black spots on their front legs. I feed them the following food: flies,grasshoppers, ants and caterpillars. Some species can eat snakes, lizards,  rats and even rabbits!

Praying mantis eating a gecko! 

 But not the ones that I have :( . My favourite one I have is missing  its' front legs so that means that it can't eat. I saved its' life, yey!  I feed him every day and he loves it. His favourite food is caterpillars and grasshoppers. His favourite place to go is on a drum in our lounge! ;) He is the coolest mantis and I will never forget him. Praying Mantises are my favorite insect and always will be. But nothing can beat a snake! I really want to see the praying mantises that can eat a snake.

here is a video i made of a Mantis eating a Grasshopper

A really cool film we saw about the Mantis