Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Breakfast time on the bird feeder!

Here are the videos of the birds on my feeder:
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Meeting a bat in my school!!!

I was at school having a 5 min break when my friend came running in the class saying there was a bat in school so I went to have a look and for sure it was a bat. It was very small and it just about fitted in a crack.  I decided I was going to get it out then a teacher came and asked if  I wanted a glove to prevent biting.  Then I asked for a chair so they gave me one.  At first I was quite scared, but when I saw that it didn't want to bite me I just picked it out.  By now there was a huge crowd so I looked at the bat then put it in a bag and I went to let it out and the crowd followed me which was about 40 - 50 children and I felt like I was the most famous kid in the school! But I didn't want 40 - 50 children to follow me, so I ran out as fast as I could and me and 3 friends got it out of the bag and got out our phones to take photos and videos. Then we saw that it wasn't moving so I pushed it gently and then it twiched so we knew it wasn't dead (lol). Then we put it in a crack of a wall and it crawled into the side were it was safe and as far as I know it hasn't moved for 4 days. We were thinking of keeping it as a pet for a while.

I think the bat is (Nathusius pipistrelle)