Friday, 25 April 2014

Loads of toad spawn in a puddle!!!!

Me and my friend went for a bike ride,and on the way back we saw a big puddle. I went to see if anything was in it and sure enough there were 3 or 4 toads in it.   After that I looked at the water even closer and I saw loads of toad spawn!. I looked up and  saw what looked like a green spotted toad mating with a common toad!!!. I was concerned that they laid their spawn in a puddle, so I went home and asked dad if we could take the toad spawn out of the puddle and he agreed.  So my Dad and I went to the puddle and we got most of the toad spawn . Toad spawn is always in lines and frog spawn comes in clumps.

This is what frog spawn looks like

This is what toad spawn looks like

I went back to the puddle to take a picture of the toad spawn but they had all hatched. Below are the photos that i took.

Tadpoles of a common toad