Sunday, 31 August 2014

My Friend's Ball Python

Yesterday my friend brought his Ball Python to our house, her name is Slug :) She opened her mouth and tried to bite my brother! She is a very small python in length but quite fat because she was fed last week. She is going to shed her skin in 2 or 3 days. Did you know that when snakes are shedding their skin they are blind? My friend feeds her every 2 weeks with frozen rats.

Ball Pythons are from Africa but are common pets due to the fact that they are not aggressive.  Here are some facts about the ball python:

- Their life span is 20-30 years (record 48)
- They can lay up to 10 eggs
- Average incubation time: 56 days
- They eat small rodents like mice and rat

Getting ready to strike  

Me and Slug

Thursday, 14 August 2014

The Warren

I went to the Warren beach again about a day ago.  I have written a post before about this place which you can see here. I found lots of fossils and breathtaking stones. My Grandad and I are planning to polish the stones and turn them into jewelry.  Here are some pictures of the fossils and stones that we collected that day.

The Warren is a county park and is recognized for having lots of different habitats and wildlife. Here is another link I found about the place.

The Warren Cliffs

Sunday, 3 August 2014

were scared of jellyfish

We went to the black sea for 3 days with my cousin, we slept in a guest house that had a pool in it :) As soon as we got to the guest house my cousin brother and I  went to have swim in the swimming pool witch had allot of chlorine in it, we stayed in the pool for about an hour and then went up in our room to sleep

We got up had some breakfast and went to the beach when we got to the beach we ran in the sea and swam for about an 1 hour when my mum came in the sea and said she saw a jellyfish  we ran out the sea like baby's and waited until it went after about 10 mins of waiting it finally went and we went back in the sea, we were still very scared and keeping a good look out for jellyfish we saw 3 more, 2 small ones and one big one. We got back to our guest house and went for a swim in the pool again we played in the pool for half an hour then we got out to play on our tablets, after we played on our tablets we went to bed 


We got up, ate donuts for breakfast ;) and went back to the sea, this time the sea was really ruff but fun we jumped and dived in the huge waves and then we went on our 4 hour journey back home