Friday, 31 October 2014

How I Met SkilleR

I went to the Uzana festival again, about a week ago and i meet SkilleR (a very famous beat boxer). So now I'm going to write about how i saw him.

I was sitting on a chair when I heard some sounds that sounded like beat box after about 20 seconds of hearing the sounds i realized that it was defiantly beat box. Then I thought to my self amagian if that was SkilleR so I went to ask a lady  who was doing the beat box? and she said SkilleR (lol) I think that was the coolest thing that had ever happened to me so  ran and ran to the stage and shore enough there he was doing his breath taking beat box!!. So after that I went running to my brother and  tripped over a stick and fell over :) I got back up and told my brother the good news and we went back to the stage to watch him, he was only on the stage for 10 minuets because he was practicing for tonight. The reason i knew that was because i was talking with SkilleRs  girl friend :) SHE CALLED SkilleR  OVER TO TALK WITH US!! :) :) :).
SkilleRs girl friend  said he will be on the stage at 11:00pm tonight! :) (ofcorse we were going to watch him)


Finally it was 11:00pm and SkilleR came up the stage With another guy called pavel ( by the way SkilleR is an Bulgarian) So we listened to there Breath taking beat box for about 2 hours and went to bed :)


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