Friday, 31 October 2014

My top 10 favourite snakes

10.  Long nosed vine snake-
the long nosed vine snake has a green tongue!!!
It manly eats frogs and lizards.
although they are venomous they cant do any serious threat to humans.

9.Tentacled snake-
they are aquatic snakes from south-eastern Asia
It can move slowly on land.
more info -  here

8. Feathered tree viper-
It is a highly venomous snake
its known of its huge eyes and bristle like scales, they grow up to 75 cm long

7. Leaf nosed snake-
this is defiantly one of the weirdest snake on the planet it manly  feeds on lizards these breath taking snakes are only found in Madagascar.

6.Burrowing asp-
This snake can borrow down in the ground
this snake is from Africa it feeds on rodents.

5. Horn nosed viper-
I saw this viper today!!! it is defiantly one of my favourite snakes
it has a small horn on its head and a zigzag marking on its back just like an adder (i didn't have a camera :( so I cant show you the snake I saw)

4.Sea snake-
They belong to the same family as the cobras and coral snakes.
there found in the pacific and the Indian ocean. They are extremely poisonous.

3.Worm snake
A full adult is 15 inches long!!
this snakes digs down to the ground
they only come out of the ground at morning  and night.

2.Spider tailed viper-
this epic snake has a tail which, when wiggled,looks enticingly
spider- like to its arachnid - guzzling pray.

1.Yellow bellied sea snake-
This is defiantly my favourite snake i love the colouration on it
they are helpless on land
it is an poisonous snake.

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