Sunday, 29 March 2015

Re-repairing Our Small Pond

We noticed that our small pond was leaking because there was a big hole in the liner, so we decided to repair it. We bought some new thick plastic and doubled it over and used it to line our new pond.  We drained all the water out, moved the water plants out carefully so that the roots didn't brake, threw all the dirty mud on our plant beds as mulch and threw away the old liner. After that we started to put the new plastic in the pond. When we had finished putting it in we started to pour clean water into the pond. Whilst we were pouring in the water I noticed a larvae on the ground. I picked it up and realized that it was a dragonfly larvae that we had disturbed when removing all of the mud out of the pond. At first I thought it was dead but then my Grandad told me to put it in water just to be sure. I told him there wasn't any point as I knew it was dead, but my Grandad insisted.  I put the larvae in some water and to my surprise it started swimming. I was shocked because it looked dead and it was very light. Then I thought there must be a lot of them there so I started to look for them in the mud that my granddad had thrown away on the beds, and sure enough I found another one!! The second one I found was as big as my thumb which is about 5 cm long. Then my Grandma started to look for them and she found another one. We decided to put them in a big bucket of water until the pond was finished. We got back to work filling the pond with rain water but every now and then I kept looking for more dragonfly larvae and I found another 5 but 2 of them had already died ;(  so all together there were 5 dragonfly larvae which was epic!!! It took us about 2 hours to finish the pond and it looked GREAT!!! The water was clean, it wasn't dirty and there were no dead insects in it. So after we had finished making the pond we put in the dragon fly larvae  and I watched them swim around for a little bit.  Then we went inside to have lunch.

Me and my grandma looking for dragonfly larvae

Just put in the new liner

Pouring in the water
Finishing up the pond

Dragonfly larvae
The new pond finished 


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