Sunday, 24 May 2015

A little hunt for snakes

My brother, dad and I went down to our forest garden to do some work. My dad promised me that if I did my work properly we could lift up some straw bales where there might be some snakes. Unfortunately the job was weeding ;( ;(. But it still needed to be done otherwise I wouldn't be able to lift the bales. After I had done my work (which took about an hour) dad came along to check it and thankfully we had done the job properly ;). I got the camera ready and we went to lift the bales. The first bale we lifted there was a baby Aesculapain snake ( Zamenis longissimus) and that is the same snake that bit me. If you guys havn't heard about that click here to found out the story. Anyway, I saw the baby snake and I got all exited and asked dad if I could catch it but he wouldn't let me. We filmed it and waited until it slithered off. Then we lifted some more bales up but no luck! Dad said that this was going to be the last bale that  we would lift up and that's when I said, "I think there might be one under here" and guess what I was right :) LOL there was this HUGE Aesculapain snake and it had blue eyes which meant that it would shed its skin very, very soon. We watched it slither off then we went home. Here is the video of the snakes :)

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Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Four leaf clovers

I got up from bed and decided to go and look for four leafed clovers.  Going outside, I saw a huge patch of clover. I started to search for ones with four leaves or more and after about two minutes of searching I found one. Excitedly, I ran into the house to tell my family the great news and that was when my dad suggested that maybe we should sell them on the internet. We both looked up 4 leafed clovers on ebay and there were a few of them but they were only selling for 2$ so that's when we both decided not to sell them. I had the idea to sell them at school but it didn't work out too well ;( LOL ;)
However, we did decide to make a website to sell 4 leaf clovers, 5 leaf clovers and even sometimes 6 leaf clovers. The website is called CloverHunters and it will be published in a month or two!!
CloverHunters trailer is coming out very soon I will upload the video to the blog when it is finished!!
My brother, friend and I are going to make this website - we are the ones who will bring you guys special LUCK ;)
4 leafed clover

  Next morning 

On my way back from the local shops I spotted a 5 LEAVED CLOVER, MY HEART WAS PUMPING LIKE MAD :)

5 leafed clover

The meaning of the leaves of a clover 

1.leaf- Hope
2.leaf- faith
3.leaf- love
4.leaf- luck
5.leaf- money

Sunday, 10 May 2015

I got bit by an Aesculapian snake!!!!

I went for a bike ride with my friend and I saw a rug. I lifted it up to see if there were any snakes under it and sure enough their were! It was a very small snake and it looked like a baby grass snake so I picked it up, that's when I realized that it wasn't a grass snake. I noticed that because the sun was shining right on it. I stupidly didn't let it go and told my friend to get a stick so I could put it over its the neck. But whilst I was doing that it managed to turn its head and bite me!!! I screamed out to my friend "ITS BITTEN ME, ITS BITTEN ME !"At first he thought I was joking but when he looked me in the eye he could tell I was really panicked, so we got on the bikes and I was talking to myself saying, "Calm down" but that didn't help.  We got to my house and my friend and I were screaming "Snake bite, snake bite!" That's when my dad came running down the stairs and talked to me calmly "Where have you been bitten?" and I said, "On the finger". I showed him it and he asked me whether the snake was big.   When I replied that it was actually small he became a little bit nervous. he gave me our snake book and told me to try and identify the snake.  Then my mum came in and I told her what had happened.  She went straight to the laptop and looked up first aid for a snake bite.  My dad said maybe we don't need to go to the hospital because it seemed it was a non-venomous snake and my bite didn't hurt or go red.  I looked in the book and I was 100% sure it was an Aesculapian snake which is a non- venomous snake. I WAS SO HAPPY:) :) BUT I STILL GOT GROUNDED FOR A WEEK  :(. Well I deserved it really
Baby Aesculapian snake
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Sunday, 3 May 2015

Question of the week

Hey guys, basically what I'm going to do is start doing Q & A on my You tube account.

How to play 

1. I will ask you a question in one of my videos and you will need to answer it in the comments below.
2.  The questions I ask you are about nature,for example - What is the fastest animal in the world? and you guys need to answer it.
3. You will have 3 days to answer the question and then I will reveal the correct answer in another video. I will do a question video every Sunday which means I will reveal the answers on Thursday's     
4. The question I ask you are from a Deadly 60 quiz game :) This is what the box looks like 

This is where i'm going to get the questions from

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Friday, 1 May 2015

Balkan Green Lizard

Me and my friends were going for a walk to my dad's forest garden when I saw a huge tale in a rock pile so I decided to check out what it was I lifted up a rock and I saw the most amazing, beautiful Balkan green lizard! I caught it and bought it home so I could film it and on the way I saw about another 5 or 6 Balkan green lizards. So me and my friends ran to our house to film theses astounding lizards. By the time we had got their they had all gone :( We waited some time for them to come back but they didn't. We filmed the one we had caught and then we went to let it go back in its rock pile.
We put it on a rock where the blazing sun was shining and it just stood their sun bathing, it decided to stay their so we watched it for a little bit and then walked home.

Here is a video of it

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