Friday, 1 May 2015

Balkan Green Lizard

Me and my friends were going for a walk to my dad's forest garden when I saw a huge tale in a rock pile so I decided to check out what it was I lifted up a rock and I saw the most amazing, beautiful Balkan green lizard! I caught it and bought it home so I could film it and on the way I saw about another 5 or 6 Balkan green lizards. So me and my friends ran to our house to film theses astounding lizards. By the time we had got their they had all gone :( We waited some time for them to come back but they didn't. We filmed the one we had caught and then we went to let it go back in its rock pile.
We put it on a rock where the blazing sun was shining and it just stood their sun bathing, it decided to stay their so we watched it for a little bit and then walked home.

Here is a video of it

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