Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Four leaf clovers

I got up from bed and decided to go and look for four leafed clovers.  Going outside, I saw a huge patch of clover. I started to search for ones with four leaves or more and after about two minutes of searching I found one. Excitedly, I ran into the house to tell my family the great news and that was when my dad suggested that maybe we should sell them on the internet. We both looked up 4 leafed clovers on ebay and there were a few of them but they were only selling for 2$ so that's when we both decided not to sell them. I had the idea to sell them at school but it didn't work out too well ;( LOL ;)
However, we did decide to make a website to sell 4 leaf clovers, 5 leaf clovers and even sometimes 6 leaf clovers. The website is called CloverHunters and it will be published in a month or two!!
CloverHunters trailer is coming out very soon I will upload the video to the blog when it is finished!!
My brother, friend and I are going to make this website - we are the ones who will bring you guys special LUCK ;)
4 leafed clover

  Next morning 

On my way back from the local shops I spotted a 5 LEAVED CLOVER, MY HEART WAS PUMPING LIKE MAD :)

5 leafed clover

The meaning of the leaves of a clover 

1.leaf- Hope
2.leaf- faith
3.leaf- love
4.leaf- luck
5.leaf- money

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