Sunday, 3 May 2015

Question of the week

Hey guys, basically what I'm going to do is start doing Q & A on my You tube account.

How to play 

1. I will ask you a question in one of my videos and you will need to answer it in the comments below.
2.  The questions I ask you are about nature,for example - What is the fastest animal in the world? and you guys need to answer it.
3. You will have 3 days to answer the question and then I will reveal the correct answer in another video. I will do a question video every Sunday which means I will reveal the answers on Thursday's     
4. The question I ask you are from a Deadly 60 quiz game :) This is what the box looks like 

This is where i'm going to get the questions from

  If you want to check out my You tube account then go here

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