Sunday, 14 June 2015

Dice Snakes

I decided to find out some info on dice snakes because we saw one last week on our trip to the cave click here to read the full story.  
  • The female Dice snake (Natrix tessellata) is bigger than the male they can get up to 130 cm long!
  • The under belly of this snake is orange or sometimes yellow, top of the snake olive brown with black spots similar to a dice :)
  • Normally will live near rivers,ponds and lakes its main diet is fish but will also feed on frogs, toads and tadpoles.
  • This snake is not venomous!! For it's defence it will let out a very horrible smell just like a Grass snake ( Natrix natrix) and it will also fake dead.
  •  This snake lays 10 to 35 eggs!!!!!
  •  Some times the dice snake will lay its eggs next to the grass snake eggs

Dice snake

Dice snake swimming

Dice snake eating a fish
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