Saturday, 6 June 2015

Lots Of Aesculapian snakes Snakes

My friend and I put a rug down and waited patiently for about a week before going to lift it up. Luckily, we found a baby snake which looked a little like an adder so I didn't touch it but when I got home I found out it was actually a baby Auscalapian snake. I managed to take a picture of it, but it  didn't turn out too good ;) Here it is.

Then my dad invited me to go down to our forest garden to lift up some straw bales,
I instantly said YES. We started to lift them up, I think it was the second one we lifted when we saw a HUGE AND BEAUTIFUL Auscalapian snake. We took some cool pics and let it be :)
Here are some of the cool pics we took :)

We also saw a (Bufo bufo)- common toad 
Here is a beautiful pic I took of it :)

So that is what we found under the bales. On our way back I decided to lift up my rug and to my surprise I found another baby Auscalapian snake. I could tell it was different snake that's why I picked it up and took some ace pictures of it.

My friend took this picture :) ;D
This snake even bit me :)

A little Info on Auscalapian snakes

This snake can grow up to 2 meters  - that is as big as my father :)

Baby Auscalapian snakes look al lot like baby Grass snakes (Natrix natrix).
The first time I saw a baby Auscalapian snake I thought it was a grass snake :)

This snake likes warm but not hot weather!

They normally eat rats some of them up to 130cm!!! The baby's main diet is lizards. 

The snakes normally will be seen early in the morning or late afternoon.


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