Sunday, 19 July 2015

Facts About Kestrels

Here is why I decided to do a blog post about kestrels. We got to a nature reserve  around  2:00 pm, the first thing we saw were 2 kestrels flying around looking for food and that is when I had the idea to make a blog about them. Hope you enjoy it


  • Kestrels hunting behaviors are to hover over open country and swoop down on their victims, usually small prey such as lizards,large insects and small rodent.
  • The female is larger then the male.
  • Kestrels do not build there own nest,  but use nests made from other species!
  •  These birds have adapted to live in city's.
  •   Click HERE to see what a kestrels call sounds like.
  •  Country kestrels feed on rodents  mainly voles, as for city kestrels, sparrows.
  • Vole numbers affect kestrel numbers!!!
  •  Kestrels have been seen to rob sparrow hawks and barn owls.
  • The kestrel is one of the most smallest and common bird of prey    

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