Sunday, 5 July 2015

Grass snake Vs Frog

I was in the house when my mum came in and told me to go to the pond to see a grass snake eating a frog. I got on my shoes and ran outside excitedly. I saw the snake trying to eat the frog, It had grabbed the frog by the leg but it couldn't get it out of the reeds, because the frog had got caught in them. The snake was trying and trying, using all kind of techniques to get the frog out, my favourite one was ducking the frog under the water then up again. It was doing that trick for a couple of minutes then it would try another but the frog still wouldn't give up! I have got all the footage of it click here to see.  When people watch wildlife footage of a hunt, they are usually on the side of the prey. Personally, I was for the snake because I could tell how desperate it was to eat that frog. I see that snake all most everyday trying to get one frog but never having any luck ;( and after all, the snake needs to eat to live. I can always tell when there are snakes in our pond because the frogs are dead quiet and when there aren't any snakes they are so so loud. Anyway, the frog managed to escape and the snake looked very very annoyed. I have to admit I was a little disappointed. The frog was lucky THIS TIME ;)      

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