Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Facts about Leopard geckos

  • Leopard geckos are the second most famous lizard pets in the world.
  • Wild leopard geckos spend most of their time underground because of the high heat.
  • They eat all kinds of insects
  • All lizards have ears but, if you shine a light threw a leopard geckos ear you will see the light come out of the other ear!
  • When a leopard gecko sheds its skin it will eat it so a predator cant track in down!
  • In captivity they can live up to 15-20 years!! some have lived up to 30.
  •  Do not have two male leopard geckos  in one tank because they will fight.
  • Males are 20-28 cm, females are 18-20 cm and hatchlings  are 7-10 cm    
  • When they are irritated they will bark!
  • Unlike other geckos, leopard geckos don't have sticky feet, they use claws.
  • If your leopard gecko is climbing your tank it might mean that it doesn't like the environment.
  • Tail shaking- when your leopard geckos tale is shaking slowly it means it's exited
  • When a male is shaking its tale very fast it means that it is telling a female that their is a male in the area and that he is aware of the females being there 
  • Leopard geckos in the wild will have much smaller life span because of predators and diseases
  • If you leopard gecko has a very thin tale it means it is unhealthy   

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  1. You missed out and interesting fact they can't see the color red