Sunday, 11 October 2015

Barn owls

Barn owls are my favourite bird!

 Barn owls are found everywhere around the world except polar and desert regions.
 Most barn owls are around 33 to 39 cm. (wing span ranging from 80 to 95 cm).
The face is characteristically heart-shaped and is white in most species.
This owl does not hoot, it utters an eerie, drawn -out shriek.
It is normally nocturnal but in some places such as England and some pacific islands, it also hunts in the day. They mate for life unless one of the pair gets killed, when a new pair may be formed.
Their main diet in Europe is shrews and mice, but occasionally they eat rats,geckos and other animals. Their predators are: Large American opossums, common raccoon, eagles, hawks and even other owls! Captive barn owls will live 8-10  years, as for wild barn owls much shorter 4-5 years.


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