Sunday, 18 October 2015

Mushroom Hunting In The Balkans

My dad and I went mushroom hunting up in the Balkans, mainly looking for Parasols. We drove up to a point and then started to walk up in to the mountains. On the way we noticed that it was very damp, and that there was a lot of leaf litter, a perfect environment for fire salamanders. We weren't disappointed. All together we saw four fire salamanders. Probably the most exiting find was when we saw a fire salamander climb a dead tree trunk to get into a big hole on the top of the tree trunk. It was going into hibernation. We have it all on video. Here is a tiny piece of the video, I plan to make a full video of the trip and upload it on to this post in a weeks time! For now this is what I will show you

Hope you liked it!

After we saw that fire salamander we found three or four parasol mushrooms, then we found another two fire salamanders together on the middle of the track. It looked like one of them was pregnant (almost 100% sure)   because it was extremely fat and it was very, very scared. It took it ten seconds to disappear, the other one only a minute. In addition, I took some good footage of these two fire salamanders. They will be included in my forthcoming video. The next interesting thing we found was a panther cap mushroom, which is one of the most poisonous mushrooms in Europe, but very attractive. That will also be included in the video.

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