Monday, 12 December 2016

Poisonous Snakes In Turkey

1. Horned Viper - Cerastes cerastes

The Horned viper grows up to 85 cm long. These snakes love sandy areas with rock outcroppings.
They love to eat small birds and rodents.Females lay 8 to 23 eggs per clutch. The Horned Viper is not very toxic, but will cause: swelling, vomiting and many other symptoms.

2. Mount Bulgar Viper - Montivipera xanthina

It usually grows to a total length of 70-95 cm long, but rarely can reach 130 cm long. This snake is highly aggressive and will bite without being provoked, and most bites will inject venom. It eats: small mammals, birds and lizards.

3. Caucasian Viper - Vipera kaznakovi

You can only find this snake in three country's: Turkey, Russia and Georgia. It is a very small snake and only grows up to 50 to 60 cm long!
It's venom is extremely useful as it is being used to stop heavy bleeding.

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