Friday, 23 August 2013


My friend, dad and I went fishing in Sheynovo. We left the house at 5:30pm and got there around 5:40pm. As soon as we got there we fished. The first 3 mins or so we caught nothing. Then we caught a carp. It was small, I gave it to my friend for him too see it. He was amazed by it, because it was the first time he ever went fishing or held a fish. Then I gave him the rod and he caught a very small perch. He was so excited that he caught it. Then it was my go to fish and I caught another carp and gave it to my friend to let it go. After that we went to another spot in the lake and I caught 2 bigger perch and carp. My friend caught another small perch and let it go. Dad said we had to go in five min and I didn't catch any thing else. It was time to go.

Small Carp


  1. Is the Grass Snake still in the back garden?

  2. yes infact there are 4 of them!!!!