Sunday, 8 December 2013


I was bored and I found some plasticine. I made snakes out of it and named them: The red viper, Coloured Pit Viper, Blue Spotted Cobra, Blue Twisted Grass Snake, White Python, White Spotted Tree Snake, Green Striped Tree Snake, Green Bulgarian Tree Snake and the Bird Eating Tree Snake. They eat mice, birds, fish, lizards and other snakes.

My snakes hunting :)
 The most poisonous snakes I made are: Coloured Pit Viper, White Spotted Tree Snake, Bird Eating Tree Snake and Blue Twisted Grass Snake. One bite and they will kill you!  Most of them live in trees and under rocks. Their favourite food is birds and lizards.

My White python hunting a green Lizard


  1. Love the plastic snakes! You should come to Africa with me next time we go. Plenty of real (and deadly) snakes- we saw Carpet Viper and Vine Snake.

  2. hey peter cant wait till i come to africa lol i like the vine snake better what colour was it cuse there are a lot of difrent colours?