Friday, 21 March 2014

Ladybird Business

Three days ago my dad told me that for every ladybird I collect,  he would give me 20p.The reason dad wanted me to collect them is because he wanted to control the amount of aphids on his young plants.  My mum said she knew a great place where I could find loads of ladybirds and I screamed, ' where??!!!' My mum explained where the place was. After she explained  where to go, I went, and for the first 2 mins I found four ladybirds which is 80p. Then I started to look in the grass and I hit the jackpot when I caught  approximately 10 ladybirds, so all together I found 14 ladybugs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! which is 2.80£. When I got back my dad regretted that he had ever told me about the ladybirds. Also all the ladybirds that i collected flew out the window but of course i got the money lol ;).  There are 5000 species of ladybirds.  The ladybirds are best know predators of Sternorrhyncha which is a type of aphid and also scale insects. The ladybirds i caught were the (Coccinella septempunctata) 7 spotted ladybirds. It is the most common ladybird in Europe.

One of the ladybirds i found

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