Sunday, 30 March 2014

Trip to a river

The River

We went out for a family day of fishing but the lake we wanted to go to was closed so we decided to go to a humungous river in the lowlands.  When we got there we saw some huge puff balls which are mushrooms so we collected them and went down to the river. As soon as we got there me and my mum saw loads of  beautiful baby frogs. My favourite one I saw was a little pool frog (Rana lessonae) .It has a green stripe down its back. I was looking for more small frogs when I heard a huge splash. When I turned around, I saw my dog trying to swim across  the river and the strong currents were dragging him downstream but thankfully he made it to the land. Then my dad suggested that we cross a  huge tree trunk in the river! At first I was a little nervous,  but when I saw how easily my dad crossed it, I crossed it too.  Then me and my brother went rock climbing  it was so much fun, but the hard part was how to get down! Finally, after 10 mins, we got down safely.
On top of the Rocks
 Then we had a very boring picnic.  After the picnic my dad realised  that he had left the car windows open and the keys were in the car!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So we had to go all the way back to the car - thankfully the car hadn't been stolen. I got my 2 favourite frogs there and took them home with me and  put them where the plants are. We put them there because at night the slugs come out and eat all the plants. But this time the frogs will eat the slugs!

Here is a close up photo of some thing we found in the woods. Can you guess what it is?  Put your guesses in the comments and I'll post the full picture soon.

Mystery object??

Bracket fungus 


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    1. Hi Peter, yes it is a fungus. If you look in the post i have posted the pic.