Saturday, 24 May 2014

Our loud frogs

I have a pond in my garden and there are lots of frogs. All day the frogs are croaking in my pond ,at the moment our frogs aren't croaking for a mate. I know that because they are fighting whilst they're croaking. I think they are croaking for territory. We also have a grass snake in our garden and when he comes in the pond they all stay quiet which is good. Some of our neighbours are complaining about the noise that the frogs are making, so we caught some and put them in some other ponds. I think the frogs in our pond are marsh frogs, common frogs, pool frogs and edible frogs. The marsh frogs make the loudest croak in our pond.

Some frog facts

Q.What do frog eat?
A. Flies, crickets, spiders, beetles and all sorts of insects.
Q.Why do frogs croak? (there are 2 reasons):
A.1. Frogs croak to attract females.
2.The croaking is done in order to declare territory and inform other frogs to stay away.
Q.What eats frogs?
A.Snakes, birds, hedgehogs and many more.

Here is a video i made of the frogs croaking in our pond. It also has a turtle in it.

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