Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Rhino bug

Me and my friend found a European rhino bug. Its Latin name is Oryctes nasicornis. Here is a video i made of the European rhino bug we found.

The Rhino bugs can be found on every continent except Antarctica. These beetle are in the scarab family, For more on scarabs click here.

Here are some interesting facts i found out about Rhino bugs in general. 

1. Q. What color are the Rhino bugs?
    A. Most are black,grey or greenish in color.

2. Q. What do Rhino bugs eat?
    A. The adults eat fruit,  nectar and sap, the larvae eat decaying plant matter. 

3. Q What is the life span of an Rhino bug?
    A. The life span of a Rhino bug is normally one to two years.

4. Q. Where do the Rhino bugs live?
     A. They live in leaf litter, plants and fallen logs.

5.Q What is the size of a Rhino bug?
   A. Rhinoceros beetles can grow up to 6 cm making them some of the largest beetles around.

6. Q.What do the Rhino bugs use there thorns for?
    A. The male rhino bugs use there horns in mating battles against other males. 

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