Friday, 31 October 2014

Top 5 Favourite Birds In My Garden

Great tit - Parus major
They feed on insects and spiders
during the breeding season, the tits prefer to feed on protein rich caterpillars to there young
for more information on the great tits click here


Blue tit - Cosmopolitan foragers 
The yellowness of a male blue tits breast is an indication of the number of yellow-green caterpillars he has eaten, and a brighter breast is more attractive to the females.

Chaffinch - Fringilla coelebs
Chaffinches are known to live for 14 years!!!
Curiously, its typically the females that migrate as the males prefer to remain in northern Europe.

Bullfinch- Pyrrhula pyrrhula
They have an appetite for the buds of fruit trees
and can can cause severe damage.
This problem was so serious that at one time they were
trapped. With bullfinch numbers declining in recent year,this can now only be done with a licence.

Green Wood Pecker- Picus viridis 
One of there favourite foods is ants
they return day after day to their favourite ant hill
I saw a green woodpecker today eating our grapes


  1. A brilliant blog! I didn't know about the colour of the caterpillars coming out in the plumage! - like the pink shrimps flamingos eat! I agree with your your 5 favs but I would add Robin. Now I now why chaffinches are so cheerful - they live longer than other song birds!!!
    Thanks 4 pics etc. Jan & Keith

  2. Lovely photos. Thanks so much for sharing.