Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Meeting a Vole

Common Vole
Me and my dad were going to our land to put up some bird feeders we made. I put them up on a tree and went to lay on the ground and enjoy the sun then I heard a noise behind me and turned around to see what it was. When I turned around I saw the ground being lifted up by something, so I watched quietly and exited to see what it was. Then I spotted a little voles head pop up from the ground. It looked at me and went straight back to its hole i explored the area were it came out from and I saw three holes, I was wondering what hole it went in so i waited for it to show its self again and shore enough it did it came out of the 1st hole but this time it wasn't scared of me, but it just stared at my face. After a while of staring it heard my dad and ran down the hole again I got some footage of it but you can just about see the vole.


Predators: Buzzards,Tawny owls,Long eared owls,Barn owls,Adders and foxes

The underground nests are dug 30 to 40 cm deep in the ground, and is used for them to keep the food in, and for offspring raising, they also use it to sleep in.

The nests can be shared with up to 5 females with the young!!

They manly eat grass and herbs, and in the winter they can even eat bark!

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