Sunday, 4 January 2015

The Real Christmas Robin

I went to England to spend Christmas with my family. My grandma and granddad  had a big surprise for me. They put some crumbs on my hand and told me to go outside the  house. I went outside the house thinking to myself I have crumbs on my hand what kind of surprise could it be and all of a sudden a wild robin flew to my hand and started to eat the crumbs. It was EPIC!!!. The robins name is Shorty because my Grandma makes short bread and we feed Shorty with short bread crumbs ;).

INFO ABOUT ROBINS - European Robin - Erithacus rubecula

Robins are the only birds that you will hear singing on Christmas day!

Male Robins are very aggressive birds, they will attack other males robins 
they say that 10% of  male robins die because of the fighting!

The robins has an average life span of 1 year! all though one robin has been recorded to live up to 12 years!!!!

An adult robin is 12-14 cm long and weighs 16-22 g

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  1. cool, you are lucky with your nana and grandad. thanks for the interesting info about robins.