Saturday, 14 February 2015

Pond Life In The Winter- Frogs and Grass snakes

I wanted to know about what happens to all of the nature from our pond in winter. For example where they hibernate, how do they survive and lots more. So i'm going to  make a blog series and share what I learn.

Here is a video of a  frog in my pond croaking

What do frogs do in the winter?- Common frogs will normally hibernate in water for example rivers,streams,springs and ditches. However some will hibernate on land, buried in soil or in small caves and logs. In Finland Common frogs have even been found hibernating in dens of adders!!!! (Vipera berus). Another species of European frog that usually hibernates on land (Rana lessonae), the pool frog, can sometimes move between  hibernation periods in the winter. The marsh frog, (Rana riaibunda) the biggest and most aquatic frog, mainly hibernates under water in ponds but sometimes leaves the ponds that they have been in for years and moves to a river to hibernate. Rarely marsh frog babies  will spend the winter on land. Me and my dad were wondering how do these frogs survive in the cold winter? Antifreeze! Basically frogs have lots of sugars in there organs that prevents them from freezing, they will stop breathing and the heart will not beat until it gets warmer again  

What do Grass snakes do in the winter?-   The grass snakes hibernate from October to April in Composts or holes in the ground. They normally will hibernate alone but sometimes they can hibernate together. They will stay in hibernation until it gets warmer.

Next week I'm going to publish a blog about terrapins and fish in our pond! Stay tuned for my new post and learn some amazing facts!!

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