Saturday, 28 February 2015

Putting Up Bird Boxes

A couple of days ago my dad and I put up bird boxes for all kinds of garden birds: Great tits, blue tits and robins. They were made by our friend, he is really good at making them. He crafted us about 10 beautifully made bird boxes!!  My dad put them up in all kinds of different trees and made sure that they were high in them because the cat could eat the birds!

Here is an video of my dad putting up a bird box!!

We have 3 different types of bird boxes. Each one is designed for a different species - blue tits, great tits,sparrows  and  robins. There are 2 main types of bird boxes, the open fronted bird boxes which are for robins and the hole fronted boxes which  are for the tits. The size of the holes differ - 28mm  for the great tits and the size of the blue tit holes are a little smaller at 25mm.  WHY do we have so many bird boxes???  We want to have lots of birds in our garden so that they can prey upon the caterpillars that eat our plants and vegetables. If you want to learn how to make these bird boxes then click  here.

When we were putting the bird boxes up, our neighbour called us over to look at her new birds that some one gave to her. As soon as I saw them I recognized them to be some kind of partridge and I was right :), they are called grey partridges. They are stunning! Their necks are orange-brown and they have grey feathers on their body. Here is an picture of these breathtaking birds.

Grey partridges - Perdix perdix

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