Saturday, 18 April 2015

Baby Fire Salamanders

My Dad and I went for walk to find some fire salamanders in the mountains. I was really excited because my Dad said that the last time he came here he saw 7 or 8 Fire salamanders so I was expecting  to see some. We went when it was  raining because that's when the salamanders come out,they like the damp. As soon as we got there I ran ahead hoping to find one. I was searching and searching but we didn't find any yet so I started to get anxious that we weren't going to find any. I asked Dad if we could go home because there weren't any there, but he insisted that we should keep going.  I really wasn't up for it! I don't know why I kept going but I did. We walked up for about another 10 minutes when I looked over to Dad and I saw that even he was beginning to doubt that there were any there. We started to see little pools on the rocky road and there was algae in them. My dad said these pools must have been there a long time because their is algae in them, and you might find baby fire salamander in it. He pushed away the algae and there they were - 6 or 7 baby fire salamander ( I think dad was more surprised than me :)!)  My Dad commented on what a coincidence it was!!!!. By they way this has happened a few times to our family. Once when I was about 8 we went to a lake and I told my dad imagine if  a grass snake popped up its head out of the water and swum over to our direction ......and to our surprise it did!!!!!  Once, when my dad and I went for a walk I told him, imagine if we see a Fire salamander, and we flipped out because as soon as I said that I saw one walking across our path!!! . Anyway, we filmed the baby fire salamanders and went home. But I still think it would have been MUCH better if we had seen an adult!

Baby fire salamanders


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