Sunday, 24 May 2015

A little hunt for snakes

My brother, dad and I went down to our forest garden to do some work. My dad promised me that if I did my work properly we could lift up some straw bales where there might be some snakes. Unfortunately the job was weeding ;( ;(. But it still needed to be done otherwise I wouldn't be able to lift the bales. After I had done my work (which took about an hour) dad came along to check it and thankfully we had done the job properly ;). I got the camera ready and we went to lift the bales. The first bale we lifted there was a baby Aesculapain snake ( Zamenis longissimus) and that is the same snake that bit me. If you guys havn't heard about that click here to found out the story. Anyway, I saw the baby snake and I got all exited and asked dad if I could catch it but he wouldn't let me. We filmed it and waited until it slithered off. Then we lifted some more bales up but no luck! Dad said that this was going to be the last bale that  we would lift up and that's when I said, "I think there might be one under here" and guess what I was right :) LOL there was this HUGE Aesculapain snake and it had blue eyes which meant that it would shed its skin very, very soon. We watched it slither off then we went home. Here is the video of the snakes :)

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