Sunday, 12 July 2015

Insect hunt

My Uncle and I decided to go for a little insect hunt in our garden. The first insect we saw was a hover fly, we caught it and identified it as some kind of Eristalis sp. Then we found a big, but beautiful locust, it was the size of my middle finger but it was pointing side wards, not upwards, we took some great pictures of it on a comfrey plant ( Symphytum sp.)

After we had taken the pictures we had caught a little meadow brown butterfly ( Maniola jurtina), we  weren't sure at first so we needed to identify it, it took us about 100 years ;)

Then we found another 3 species of hover fly's not to sure what their exact names were but defiantly Eristalis sp. That's when we decided to get some tea and carry on in midday, it turned out to be 6:30pm !!So much for midday!! ;) so we just decided to leave it.    

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