Sunday, 1 November 2015

My pet ladybugs

Some people asked us if we could supply them with ladybugs, unfortunately we didn't have any. I decided to make a lady bug farm and see if we can successfully breed ladybugs. I went out searching to find ladybugs, it took some time but all together I found around forty-five ladybugs. They were placed in three separate plastic boxes and I added a load of leaves,sticks and grass into them - they seemed to like it. I attempted to find food for them which was really hard because their main diet is aphids and they are extremely difficult to find at this time of year. I searched and searched, but found near to nothing. Mum recommended that I should look up what ladybugs eat during the winter, which wasn't a bad idea. What came up, I thought, was strange. LADYBUGS EAT HONEY!!? I went straight to the cupboard and took out some honey and placed some on the sticks I put in. They were instantly attracted to it . I watched them suck it up like a hover, it was amazing! Noticing that it was over crowded  and that there wasn't enough space for all the ladybugs, I had a brainwave. My idea was to buy a fish tank and house the ladybugs in it. I found a fish tank for 4 pounds (on ebay) which is amazing and it doesn't have any cracks YET. So in about two days time I am going to have a fish tank full of ladybugs.
Here are some pictures of my ladybugs.



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