Friday, 11 November 2016

Organisms In Our Garden - Weevil spp.


I was looking for some interesting insects In garden when I came across a beautiful weevil, climbing up a plant. 


The weevil I saw is included in this video

What is it?

They are usually very small insects, less 6 mm in length! They feed on plants, meaning they are herbivorous. There are over 60.000 species of true weevil. Most weevils are consider pests to gardeners as they can damage or kill a crops.  They are commonly found in dry foods, including nuts and seeds. Two years ago there were hundreds of them eating our beans and rice, It took us all day to get rid of them all!  Most weevils are found in fields, gardens or orchards. 

What do they eat?

Weevils feed on plants in stage larvae and as adults. Most species eat different things, for example: The Black Vine weevil, will feed on hemlocks and rhododendrons. The Bean weevil will eat beans. Some species eat grains and seeds. 

What eats them?

Most weevils are eaten by: Ants, other insects, birds, spiders and parasitic wasps.  

Life cycle

The life cycle depends greatly on the what species they are. Some of them lay there eggs on the ground near a plant they can eat in spring. When the eggs hatch the larvae burrow in the ground and feed on plant roots. Most larvae spend the winter under ground and emerge as adults the following spring. The adults that emerge in summer or autumn might invade homes for shelter! 

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