Saturday, 3 February 2018

Three Of The Most Aggressive Animals In The World


Hippos are defiantly one of the most aggressive animals on the world, they are extremely territorial and have been known to stalk and flip over boats full of people. They actually kill more people then any other animal in Africa, estimating to be around 3000 people annually!! They are huge and are one of the heaviest animals alive, fully grown they weigh around 1500 to 1800kg!!!

2.Bull Shark

The bull shark is officially the most aggressive shark in the world. Although it is the most aggressive, It is not the deadliest, It is responsible for 300 deaths and 700 injuries. Most great white shark attacks are cases of them mistaking identity or self defense, but the bull shark attacks whatever it sees! They are quite large, growing up to 3 meter's long and weighing around 130kg.

3. Black Mamba

It's the longest, fastest, and most venomous snake in Africa, If you get bit by this snake and there theirs no anti venom around, your defiantly going to die within 20 to 30 minutes, they have a 100% mortality rate and will not hesitate to bite if felt threatened. They have been known to chase people away from their territory. Fully grown they get to around 4-5 meters long (14 feet)!!!

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