Saturday, 3 March 2018


The Hawfinch is one of the largest finches in Europe with an overall length of 18 cm and a wing span that ranges from 29-35 cm. This striking bird is found all over Europe and Asia. It's a woodland bird that will often be spotted on fruit trees. It feeds on hard seeds from trees and fruit using it's super strong beak to open up hazelnuts and walnuts. Males and females are very similar, but the males are normally larger.  Usually breeding in late April, the female will lay 4-5 eggs and will wait 13 days for the eggs to hatch. They have a short lifespan of around 4 years old, although interestingly, one Hawfinch managed to live for 12 years and 7 months in Germany!! Although they are one of the rarest birds in the UK, there are a whopping 13 million individuals in Europe!

Hawfinch in flight - My uncle took this picture (UK

Link to my uncles blog:

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